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Rush Moore LLP Areas of Practice


From real estate to finance to civil litigation, the Rush Moore LLP attorneys have vast expertise in many different facets of the law. We’ve represented individuals and corporations, insurance companies and landowners, all with the same high standards of service and dedication. Our exemplary team has been helping local, national, and international clients for nearly seven decades, and our expertise remains unduplicated in the specific areas of practice we choose to focus on. Please click on the following types of legal practice for information and links to the attorneys who handle that particular specialty.

Appelate Group

Appellate Group

Civil Appellate practice requires a broad understanding of trial court procedure and the law, as well as a focus on appellate court detail.  Whether bringing an appeal to challenge a ruling by a trial court, or defending an opponent’s appeal, a thorough review of the trial court record is required to determine whether the court correctly applied the proper law to the facts of the case.  Rush Moore LLP’s Appellate Group is focused on providing our clients with quality representation that protects their interests and brings about positive results.  When a trial court ruling is unfavorable, Rush Moore LLP’s attorneys will help you to determine whether an appeal is warranted.  Whether bringing or defending an appeal, we will provide you with sound advice on the timing and possible outcomes on appeal and will competently navigate your case through the nuances of the appellate process.  We will always prepare an appellate brief advocating for the best possible result through application of sound legal argument.

The following attorneys are available to help you with appellate law matters:
Business Law Group

Business Law Group

The Rush Moore LLP Business Law Group possesses substantial experience in handling all types of business law matters. We focus on being responsive and working closely with our clients to help them achieve their goals in an effective and cost-effective manner.

We have extensive experience with a wide range of business legal issues. These include business transactions such as business and asset acquisitions and dispositions; formation and winding down of business entities; preparation, review, and negotiation of contracts; resolving business disputes; trade name, trademark, copyright and other intellectual property matters; corporate governance matters such as legal duties of directors and officers, codes of conduct, and company policies and procedures; and compliance with securities laws and other laws applicable to public companies.

The following attorneys are available to help you with business law matters:
Civil Litigation Group

Civil Litigation Group

For civil litigation matters, you need a strong team of seasoned attorneys who can apply effective legal strategy for a quick and stress-free resolution. Rush Moore LLP’s Civil Litigation Group represents clients in all forms of civil litigation and dispute resolution, including jury and non-jury trials, appeals, administrative hearings, arbitrations, mediations, and other alternative dispute resolution processes.


When litigation, mediation, or arbitration is the only alternative for our clients, our seasoned team of experienced attorneys and paralegals strives to protect your interests and keep you informed of all developments in the case. Our civil litigation professionals have years of courtroom experience and will apply their specialized knowledge to protect your interests during the proceedings. At each phase of the legal process, we consider and discuss the various strategies and alternatives available to you, and move forward with the option most likely to bring about positive results. Above all, your rights and your desired outcomes guide us in our pursuit of a fair resolution.

Dispute resolution services are provided for the following legal matters: 

Admiralty & Maritime Law
Antitrust & Trade Regulation
Complex Commercial Litigation
Construction Law
Contracts Litigation
Copyright Infringement & Intellectual Property Law
Employment Law
Environmental Law
Insurance Defense
Lender Liability
Personal Injury
Products Liability
Professional Liability
Real Estate Litigation

The following attorneys practice in our Civil Litigation Group:
Commercial Law Group

Commercial Law Group

Commercial law is a dynamic and rapidly changing legal discipline that requires constant scrutiny and regular monitoring of changing statutes. Recent public and governmental concerns about consumer protection has led to increased regulation of businesses, and business owners and controllers rely on experienced legal guidance to safeguard the success and longevity of their operations. The attorneys in our Commercial Law Group can help you navigate through these complex legal areas efficiently to ensure your business is compliant and properly protected.

Rush Moore LLP’s commercial law practice examines the rights, duties, and remedies of people who have contacts and contracts with businesses. Our Commercial Law Group handles areas such as commercial leasing, warranties, the Uniform Commercial Code, and consumer protection. We are focused on building close working relationships with our trusted commercial law clients to ensure your rights are protected in a variety of matters, including secured transactions, collection actions, banking law, real and personal property foreclosures, and more.

The following attorneys represent clients with commercial legal matters:
Creditors' Rights and Bankruptcy Law Group

Creditors' Rights and Bankruptcy Law Group

Rush Moore LLP handles creditor matters of all types, including bankruptcy, litigation, workouts, and complex debtor cases. We represent clients large and small, including commercial and real estate lenders, consumer lenders, and lessors.

Our creditors’ rights attorneys assist clients with many challenging issues, including the representation of large institutional lenders in complex real estate matters, asset-based financing matters, and creditor rights litigation. Our experienced attorneys can also help you with commercial debt collection, challenging lien avoidance, bankruptcy reclamation, fraudulent conveyances, preference litigation, and other methods of resolution.

We skillfully apply the federal bankruptcy code to protect you against the pitfalls of unpaid debt, and advise you on the most advantageous avenues for recovering bad debt. Our Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy Law Group is committed to providing high quality, fast creditor enforcement service and we will work hard to get you a fair resolution.

Trust Rush Moore LLP to not only secure and collect debts, but also to provide cost-effective legal guidance along the way. We understand how costly legal services can be, and we make every attempt to achieve the most cost-effective solution for each client.

The following attorneys represent clients with all creditors' rights and bankruptcy-related commercial legal issues:
Finance Group

Finance Group

Our finance group has an intimate, highly specialized awareness of the sophisticated nuances of corporate structure and the laws governing capital markets and financial institutions. Rush Moore LLP clients include a variety of large and small banks and diverse financing companies and corporations. Our superlative legal finance team has experience in structuring, negotiating, documenting, and closing commercial and corporate finance transactions, as well as negotiating and documenting commercial loan workouts.

Our Finance Group provides structured support for all types of loan documentation and financial transactions, and we would be honored to assist you with your full range of legal financial needs.

The following attorneys practice in our Finance Group:
Insurance Defense Group

Insurance Defense Group

Rush Moore LLP handles the direct representation of insurance companies in litigation, and our attorneys also represent policyholders, primarily in defense areas. We assist clients in a variety of insurance defense cases, including product liability, bad faith, environmental coverage, workers’ compensation, and automobile and aviation accident litigation.

Our Insurance Defense Group has extensive experience navigating the nuances of insurance coverage and litigation. Our attorneys are skilled in the art of negotiation and are often able to find creative solutions that avoid trial. However, we are highly skilled in trial practices and procedures if courtroom litigation becomes necessary. Not only can we help you determine a fair settlement value for your case, but we will also put our resources and strategies to work to build a strong case and achieve the outcome you seek.

The following attorneys represent insurance companies and policyholders in insurance defense cases: 
Mortgage Foreclosure Group

Mortgage Foreclosure Group

Rush Moore LLP’s mortgage foreclosure group represents a broad range of institutional and private lenders, banks, and mortgage servicers in foreclosure actions throughout the state of Hawaii.

Mortgage foreclosure is a complex area of law that involves numerous documents, determination of debt liability, and analysis of title issues. We believe that success in this arena requires depth of knowledge combined with the vigorous and aggressive pursuit of a conclusion.


Our Mortgage Foreclosure Group is solidly organized to prosecute cases in a timely manner, with a variety of services in mortgage foreclosure matters such as examination of title and lien issues, and foreclosure alternatives like loan modifications, loss mitigation, assumptions, forbearance agreements, deeds-in lieu of foreclosure, and short-sale facilitation.  Our trusted team can guide you to an efficient and effective resolution that accomplishes your goals.

The following attorneys practice in our Mortgage Foreclosure Group:
Probate & Estate Planning Group

Probate & Estate Planning Group

Rush Moore LLP’s Probate and Estate Planning Group can help you establish and maintain a proper estate plan to protect your loved ones and provide peace of mind.

Our strategies for handling property, finances, healthcare, and assets can help you create estate planning documents that provide proper support for your loved ones and carry out your wishes.  We can also assist you with powers of attorney, advance health care directives, probate actions,  guardianship matters and other services to help your family.  Our attorneys can also help you with the placement of your real estate assets into trust or the changing of real property ownership in order to avoid probate.

The following attorney is available to help you with estate planning matters:

Caroline S. Otani

Nicole A. Sato

Real Estate Group

Real Estate Group

The Rush Moore LLP Real Estate Group is vastly experienced in handling real property and related financial matters regarding commercial and residential transactions of all sizes and complexities.

Exceptional real estate guidance involves close monitoring of the process and intimate knowledge of the current laws. We understand that our real estate clients rely on us to foresee and work out issues that could delay the closing of their transaction. To ensure your real estate deals are handled in the ideal manner, we prefer to take a proactive approach and are known for our ability to meet deadlines.


From the purchase and sale of real estate, to development and occupancy, our Real Estate Group can assist you in navigating the challenging and complex legal side of real estate. We represent contractors, developers, and owners in a full range of land use and real estate matters.


Rush Moore LLP handles the following commercial real estate matters:

Subdivision and Condominium Development & Sales
Zoning & Land Use Laws
Environmental Law
Business Organizations & Taxation
Mortgages & Financing

The following attorneys practice in our Real Estate Group:
Workers' Compensation Group

Workers' Compensation Group

The Rush Moore LLP Workers’ Compensation Group specializes in representing employers and insurance carriers in defending workers’ compensation cases of all types.


We provide expert guidance in the administration and defense of workers’ compensation claims at the State of Hawaii, Department of Labor and Industrial Relations,  Disability Compensation Division, and Labor and Industrial Relations Appeals Board.  We also provide expert quality service in any appeals to the Intermediate Court of Appeals of the State of Hawaii or the Supreme Court of the State of Hawaii in any workers’ compensation matter.

The following attorney represents all clients in our Workers' Compensation Group:

Jennifer M. Yusi

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